Transversal TheaterSeveral California-based artists founded Transversal Theater Company in 2003. We are now an international nonprofit organization with most of our members living in Los Angeles or Amsterdam. The idea was to develop, in collaboration with theorists and artists from a variety of disciplines and cultures, a theater-making laboratory in which we could explore performance theories, modes, and aesthetics together and in ways that respond to or depart from established dramaturgical and theatrical conventions. We devise theater works from concept to page to stage, building in design and technical possibilities from the very beginning of each project.
By blending typically distinct theatrical styles, such as from abstract expressionism to musical surrealism, and combining intense dramatic action with  philosophical and spiritual engagement so that we shift expectations of audiences throughout our performances, Transversal Theater strives to motivate audiences and actors to venture curiously and expansively into experiences that challenge determination, structures, dispositions, and systems. In doing so, we hope to inspire learning, compassion, and positive evolution.
In this interest, Transversal Theater is committed to fostering an educational component to its projects. Our members often teach workshops and lecture at various educational institutions, public venues, and when we participate in theater and arts festivals.
Through its art and engagements, Transversal Theater Company cultivates productive exchange, collaboration, and community across nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures.